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A demo of News-2-Web:

Last update: 28.Dec 2006

Version 3.0 available (Download)

The last official build is 3007. The freeware expires Dec 2009.
Upgrading older builds (2000-2016) is recommended.

Newest features with one click ---- Upgrade information

MyNews is an universal newsgroup and sharing tool for windows
that allows you to extend the Usenet to new horizons.
Nearly all disadvantages of Usenet can be overcome
- and the features to create own newsgroups, communities
and networks are uncompared.

See yourself: Here the list with the UNIQUE FEATURES of MyNews
- but there is also the HAMSTER..

If you like the Usenet (the newsgroups) then you need MyNews!

About: Freeware, Full version, Tiny version, Commercial use....
(and how to purchase MyNews)

Full description of the different versions and purchase information.

Information about the Usenet, P2P, free and public news-servers ?
Visit the Information section.

But dont use MyNews if .....

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