MyNews and the Hamster

The Hamster is another news-server for private use. Here some details about it - and how to cooperate:

The Hamster has a few advantages when you compare it with MyNews:

Of course Hamster has also a few disadvantages compared to MyNews:

All this is not important and might be a question of personal taste. More important is:

Cooperation of Hamster and MyNews users

Both servers speak NNTP - so they should be able to cooperate. This has not been developed yet, but it might work this way:

If the Hamster- and the MyNews users both have dynamic IP address services, then they can find each others. Hamster might be able to feed MyNews with POST (or IHAVE). Hamster are able to download directly from MyNews.

Perhaps I will create a small tool which allows Hamster users to contact the MyNews network and use the root server for dynamic name resolution. Then Hamster might be far easier to find.