MyNews and MP3

What is MP3 ?

MP3 is a popular data format for compressed music (and general audio). COmpacting a sound file (windows: WAV file) into an MP3 file reduces its size by up to 90%. So sound files can be transmissted electronically.

Is MP3 treated in a special way with MyNews ?

No, MyNews is handling MP3 files as binary files - the content or the file does not matter. Wether you send a textfile, a MP3 file or a picture: This is always the same process. However MP3 files are usually splitted into smaller pieces (segments, parts) because they are still pretty large (for binaries).

I see no filelist, no artists, no database !

MyNews does not support these things. If you are looking for music from the artist 'Bubblegum' then you can seek the grouplist for 'bubblegum'. And perhaps someone has already created the newsgroup: mynews.mp3.bubblegum. If not - then created it YOURSELF and announce it in the group: mynews.mp3.announce
MyNews uses the groupname hierarchy for sorting and searching. The grouplist is your personal thing. There is no central authority.

Why does it makes sense to use MyNews for MP3 ?

There are two good arguments: First you can combine MyNews downloads with Usenet downloads - no other tool offers this! Second: MP3 files are usually splitted into 10-50 pieces. So you can download one song from up to 10-50 other servers simultanously. This is really fast! And you dont have to worry about slow servers: Slow servers will deliver a few segments, fast servers a lot. And dont worry about "resuming interrupted files". You are always downloading jsut parts - this is a system, not a disadvantage.

Is it legal to trade MP3 with MyNews ?

Please ask your local lawyer. A lot of music is freeware - or public domain. Other music is protected by copyright laws, but the copyright laws are different in each country. MyNews does even allow you to create a very private community for you and your four friends. In such personal friend communities neraly everything is allowed (at least in my home country :-)

What other tools and services are available for MP3 ?

Please see the list for tools: TOOL-LIST.