MyNews - Creating own communities

MyNews allows you to create your own communities:

Define the name of a new community - and tell it to your friends. If they use the same community in their setup, then you will find them - and they will find you. This way you can select from the bunch of active MyNews servers just those which are interesting for you. The community is defined in the 'Sharing Setup'. You can be a member of multiple communities.

Completely private communities

If you dont trust the central MyNews servers then you can create your own, hidden root-server for your own, private communities. All you need is a root-server-version of MyNews and a fixed IP-Number on the internet (or a dynamic name from '' or other almost free services).
Then your friends can use your server as the 'general root server' for finding each others.
As long as you hide the existance of your private server (and use passwords) - you will have nearly perfect privacy.

More details are available in the manual.