Sales & Capabilities for the different versions of MyNews

This is the full list of all differences for the MyNews versions. Please scroll down.

Any questions: Support is available: eMail: --->

Purchasing MyNews 2.0

If you want to buy a full version, then please follow this link:

Enter this product ID into the search field: -----> 154427 <-----

The price is 29 Euro (approx the same in US$)

You can also try this link to find MyNews directly:

As soon as your payment is confirmed we are notified by eMail about you. We will contact you by eMail and send you a full license version together with some instructions how to upgrade your MyNews (from trial or free to a full version).
Your full license file is valid for all later upgrades of MyNews 2.0 - or you will receive a new license for later 2.x versions.


After purchasing a MyNews full version license you want to send me an eMail (to: This eMail should contain the nickname you want for your MyNews-license. Your eMail will be answered asap (with the license file attached) - and must be from the same origination you've used for purchasing MyNews ! (The secondary effect would be that I can crosscheck the sales. I'm a newbie to sales. So please apologize the inconveniences.This is just for your - and my - security).

If you want to purchase a root-server, then please contact us by eMail:
We will contact you and you will get a regular invoice. The price for a root server is actuall 100 Euro.

Feature Free Trial Full Root Description
Newsgroups 50 100 10000 10000 Maximum number of newsgroups you can subscribe to
Lifetime dec 2003 30 days unlimited unlimited How long this version will run
X-Newsreader .. free version .. trial version MyNews MyNews X-Newsreader Text in posted messages
Predefined hosts 10 50 50 50 Maximum number of hosts you can specify
Autopost maxfiles 100 unlimited unlimited unlimited Maximum number of files you can autopost
          Differences between TRAIL and FULL version
Newgroup warning yes yes no no Warning when an unknown newsgroups should be added
Fetch non shared from MyNews no no yes yes You download non-shared groups from other MyNews
Move messages among groups no no yes yes You can move messages among newsgroups
Send recommendations no no yes yes You can recommend messages to others
Send mynews cancels no no yes yes You can cancel messages from others
Stand alone autoposter no no yes yes Autopost only then exit (Commandline tool)
Stand alone Downloader no no yes yes Download only then exit (Commandline tool)
MultiFeed mynews.* no no yes yes Feeding other MyNews servers
Switch to free version no yes no no You can downgrade from the TRIAL to the FREE version
          Differences between FREE and FULL version
Stand alone autodecoder no yes yes yes Decode a bunch files then exit (Commandline tool)
Stand alone Bagreader no yes yes yes Read bags then exit (Commandline tool)
AutoLogin/Dld at startup no yes yes yes Automatically start downloading whenever MyNews starts
Scheduler no yes yes yes Schedule special jobs
Multiple connections no yes yes yes Have more than one connection to predefined hosts
Access to '201' hosts no yes yes yes Access Usenet hosts where posting is forbidden
Create own msgid+path always always settable settable Identify as a MyNews client
Download without sharing no yes yes yes Download newsgroups from others which are not sharing yourself
Mini HTTP-Demon no yes yes yes Offer a small HTTP-demon for your friends
Sharing volume limit no yes yes yes Restrict the volume other MyNews can grab from you
Manual Grouplist update no yes yes yes Import grouplists from file - and check the moderation flags
Scheduler Menu no yes yes yes Schedule jobs
Stand alone picsorter no yes yes yes Sort millions of pictures
Use multiple root servers no yes yes yes Be member of many communities
Extended FLAGS settings no yes yes yes See more behind the curtain
Define MyNews Friends & Trolls no yes yes yes Create private communities with your friends
Get back settings no yes yes yes Create a full automatic sharing live network without Root servers
Port modifications no yes yes yes Use non-standard ports
Start repair (full auto) no yes yes yes Act as an unattended 24/7 server - even after powerdown
Create file follow ups no yes yes yes Identify Usenet content for your friends
Autopost entire directory no yes yes yes Post floods
Xover Filename check & Display no yes yes yes See duplicates before you download them
Autojoin entire group no yes yes yes Autojoin thousands of multiparts with one click
Xover Good lists no yes yes yes See your friends in green colour
Server Kill Lists no yes yes yes See spam-servers in magenta colour
User Kill Lists no yes yes yes See killed users in magenta colour

Root Servers only: