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Version 3.0 expires in the trial+free version on 31.December 2009. This has been implemented to ensure that this version does not flow around the Internet forever. Please keep in mind: There will always be a free version of MyNews. But perhaps not this release ;-)

Commercial and professional users MUST NOT USE the freeware but apply for the trial version in the first setup !

Download and installation

The latest MyNews version comes as a comprimated EXE-file with full automatic setup. All you have to do is to download the exe-file, store it anywhere on your PC and doubleclick it. The setup wizard guides you through the installation process.

You can de-install MyNews at any time by removing the MyNews-folder from your harddisk. No hidden files, no changes to your registry, no unwanted DLLs: MyNews will not manipulate your windows installation and will not affect other programs.

Detailled info about changes

If you are an experienced user of MyNews then you might be interested in a detailled description of the latest changes. There you find also information about functions which are not yet in the manual. Please visit the information section . There are:

The download locations

The MyNews-Program (2.218 kB):

Upgrade version is not yet available. Please install a new version and copy MYNEWS.EXE and the \manual\ subdirectory to your current installation.