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About MyNews... and Non-MyNews NNTP servers ... and Usenet in general

What is MyNews ?

A few essays about MyNews

Dont use MyNews if....

Free and Open newsservers

Tools and Links

Firewalls, Hackers and Paranoia

The release history is here: Release pages...

The FULL release notes: These are the unfiltered documentation files from the programmer. They are sometimes hard to understand, bt perhaps you enjoy them. Those who write such tools themselves might be happy to read something:

Extensions of the NNTP-Protocol (RFC977 & 2980) for communication between MyNews servers: MyNNTP.htm

Step by Step tutorial (outdated by progress of development - but still here)

This site is not just about MyNews - here you find also a lot of useful information

Pitfalls for private news servers and the Usenet (Trouble with admins?)

There are a lot of problems which could occur for newbies if nobody cares of them. I do - so here some tips:

RFCs about Usenet

These RFCs (Request for Comment == a kind of normative standard) are used for Usenet (and MyNews) messages and transport: