MyNews - The different versions

MyNews is usually just one program for all versions, but the license key file unlocks or blocks features.
Full information about the different versions (and sales) are in the SALES-PAGES.

Here a few details about the versions.


Users who never purchase shareware and want ONLY the freeware MUST NOT USE the Express Setup !
Please use ONLY the FREE>> Button on the first page for configuring MyNews!

Free version - for non commercial use

At the first start of MyNews you are asked for a name for your MyNews. These names must be unique in the MyNews network. And the 'uniqueness' is guaranteed by a central registration server which carries a list of all registered names.
As soon as you register your name online (and the name was accepted) - your MyNews turns into a free version. A lot of features can be used now - but your are still protected against some critical things.

Trial version - unregistered name (running 30 days)

If you skip the online registration for your name, then MyNews is running as a trial version. Most features of the full version are enabled.
You can downgrade at any time to a free version with the Free Version button in the Guide.

Full version - also for commercial use

If you are running MyNews for commercial purpose - in a company or an office environment, then you must run a full version. The full version is also nice for power users - because it offers full fun and a lot of uncompared features.

Root version - own networks, company servers

For running a company server or creating your private Usenet - completely independent from me and others - you need a root server license.