Upgrading MyNews

If you are already running an older version of MyNews - here the most important tips for upgrading to version 1.6:

Receiving a full license

MyNews creates two different license files automatically. The tiny license (if you dont regsiter your servername online) and the free license.
If you receive a full license (usually be eMail), then please proceed these steps:

  1. Exit MyNews (if still running)
  2. Copy the received license file to a safe place - best is still a floppy disk. The received file has the filename: YOURWISH.name
  3. Move the old license file(s) also to a safe place. These files are located in your MyNews directory and are named:
    ..... mynews.nam
    ..... yourwish.name
  4. Copy the new, received license file to your MyNews directory.
  5. Restart MyNews
  6. Check the status window: The information section shows a line like:
    ..... MyName: yourwish ... MyIp: ... FULL version
    (Instead of full version you find there also: Free version, Root server or Tiny version)

Important information on upgrading to version 1.6

MyNews 1.6 will download ALL headers from ALL available hosts again.
Calculate enough time for the upgrade!

Upgrading from version 1.5

MyNews contains a lot of new features. So some additional files must be installed. You can either upgrade your existing installation manually and keep all the old settings, or you can overwrite all the old settings and configure MyNews again.

Manual upgrade method (keep your old settings)

Automatic upgrade method

Upgrading from an older version

It is NOT recommended to use the upper described method on older versions of MyNews (however it might work).
Instead you should install a new version - and move your old messages to the new installation and 'installing' them with a repair: