Peer to Peer (P2P)

What is peer to peer ?

Peer to peer is direct data exchange between two computers. Today P2P is a synonym for the technics which allow internet users to exchange data between their computer directly without using a host-computer. Any kind of data can be exchanged: Text, pictures, sound, music, movies, programs, documents.

Do we really need P2P ?

No, we dont need P2P. We could send the information also by eMail - or place it on WWW- or FTP-Server. Data exchange is a common technology today between the huge internet servers. They have alreay solved most of the speed and security issues. So we could live without it.

Why to we want P2P ?

P2P makes us independent from others. All we need is a computer with an internet connection - and a piece of software. And more important: P2P gives us privacy. We dont store our data on third party harddisks - where admins or spys can access them. We stored them only on our own computers.

What has MyNews todo with P2P ?

MyNews is exchanging data in form of newsgroups directly between the computers of the users.

Why is MyNews the best choice for P2P ?

MyNews has the best security features. The two most important things: MyNews is a standard news-server which cannot be hacked - and you have todo something actively (post a message) to share with others. The next very important point is that MyNews is not just trading files anonymously, but also text-messgaes, conversation, discussion. And it is compatible with the larges sharing network of the world: The Usenet (newsgroups).

What other tools are available for P2P ?

This could be an endless (and daily growing) list. So here just a few popular links: