MyNews: Privacy and Anonymity

Anonymity during online registration of your servername

Your wish for anonymity is respected by MyNews. During the online registration process your are asked for a servername, your community and an eMail address. Here is what you enter for anonymous registration:

Servername Use the letter A followed by a six digit number. Example: A523971 or A005123. Dont use less or more (and not these numbers:-).
Community Use: Anonymous
eMail: Use another six digit number: Example: - you are permitted to use the domain !

Please NOTFIY what you have entered !

Anonymity during posting

You can post to the root-server with your MyNews: [port 120]. This MyNews host is open for your anonymous posts. However I cannot guarantee that posts to 'regular Usenet groups' from you will be sent to Usenet. Gatewaying is a hard and responsible job. But your messages will distribute inside the MyNews network

You should replace the entry '' in the file MYNEWS.INI by any other name before you start posting!


You want to start a private community - where nobody else knows that you are online - but your friends ? Then use the alternative root-server at '' - which is strictly community sensitive. Use a community like this: "gargoyle216789". Tell this community ONLY to your friends. Your will be pretty safe there!

Complete independence from a root-server ? Perfect privacy ?

You and your friends apply for a dynamic DNS name at a dynamic DNS service. If you are a community of 20 persons, then everybody enters all the dynamic domain names into their MyNews as Usenet hosts. MyNews does not care if the hosts are there - or not. Missing hosts are simply skipped. MyNews can also work completely decentralised. If you combine this with "Security - Only friends, Only MyNews" and use odd servernames as described above, then it is impossible to find you - even for me :-) And all this with the freeware !

Spammers ? Advertisers ?

It makes no sense to spam with MyNews - there are better tools available out there in the Internet. And advertising ? If you have really good stuff, then create a few advertising groups - the users will find you !

Live is difficult for trolls and spammers in the MyNews network. Simply because the users themselves watch what happens. No complaint to an admin is necessary. The users can easily lock you OUT ! So it makes no sense to start at all. The users are far more owerful in MyNews than on the Internet. Because here the USERS are the BOSS - not any kind of stressed admin. So BEWARE!