MyNews as a 'Small office news server'

MyNews allows you to create an own news-server for your business!

Really simple setup - here an example how to start within 5 minutes !

Ok, it will take 10 minutes....... and I'm still working on the few lines you need to know here.

Here the steps you go:

Additional security issues

If your MyNews is located on a computer which is visible in the Internet, then you may want to use additional security features. This is not necessary for a computer which is visible only in your local area network. The freeware version allows you (for private use - or test) - to activate these options:

No newsreaders allowed (this is not used in your local network)
Accept only MyNews friends.
Then create a 'Good-File' with Secu - Edit friends and enter just one line there: the name of your own MyNews.
Now all newsreaders from outside are blocked - and all other MyNews also.

For creating 'access restricitons' by IP-Address: Get the full version and edit the "selective access file".